The Story behind Rih Lake

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Have you ever heard about Rih Lake? Most tourists who come to Myanmar are familiar with Inlay Lake of Shan State, but what they forget is the beauty of this “Rih Lake”. Rih Lake is a natural lake located in northwestern Chin State in Myanmar. It lies at about 3 kilometers from Zokhawthar, the nearest village situated at an Indo-Burma border. It has a heart-shaped outline. It is about 1 mile in length, half-a-mile in width, about 3 miles in circumference and about 60 feet in depth. The name of Rih Lake comes from a girl named “Rih-I”. According to legend, she and her sister lived with a cruel step-mother. One day, her step-mother persuaded her father to kill both of the sisters. Her younger sister was killed by his own father in the forest though she escaped. A very sad “Rih-I” prayed the God to bring her sister back. God felt so sorry for her that he made her sister alive back, but, as an exchange, “Rih-I” herself had turned into a form of lake. It was said that the reason why the shape of the Lake is in the form of heart is because of the love to her younger sister. Though every ancient place has lots of histories, stories, no one will know whether those are the truth or not. But, Rih Lake is still being a lovely place to pay a visit not just for tourists but for local people.

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