Sabuti (or) Traditional Chin Soup

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Sabuti (or) Traditional Chin soup Myanmar which is a Union Nation, has many ethnic groups having each own traditional food. Most traditional food are very popular among local and foreign people such as Mohinga, Green Tea Salad, Shan noodle etc. This time we will introduce a traditional cuisine which is not still being very popular among people though it can give lots of pleasure to you. This is “Sabuti” which is a kind of corn soup. Sabuti is a soup cooked with pure corn from Chin State and beef broth. It’s served with some slices of delicious fried beef and a side of lime, spicy chili and some salt. Sabuti is the most famous traditional Chin cuisine in Chin state. Also, people who have once tasted, want to try more. As Sabuti is made of corn, it can give you energy and strength needed in your body. In Chin State, people try Sabuti to regain their lost energy after working so hard in their farm. Just reading is not enough. Go & try some Sabuti, and, you will clearly understand how wonderful it is!

(Writer – Thein Htoo Aung)

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